Amazing Me Project

This term we learning all about how we learn and that we are all different and special in our own ways and that’s okay.

We had an incursion ‘Marvellous Me’ and it was amazing. We learnt that:

It is okay to be different.
It is okay to make mistakes.
We should be happy for who we are!
Happy days! Have a look at some of our amazing project about us.


Let’s get creative – A STEM activity on measurement

Challenge: To make the longest paper chain with only one A4 paper.

Other materials you need: pencil, ruler, glue and scissors. After discussions in our team, we started making them. We tried to estimate the length of our paper chain without any instruments. When everyone is done, we measured each of our paper chains with a measuring tape. The longest paper chain was more than 3 metres long! Amazing!