Daffodil Day – raising awareness and money for a good cause

Organised and run by our Junior School Council, we aimed to raise awareness and money for Cancer Council this Daffodil Day. We brought some money to purchase some beautiful merchandise, such as pens, pins, magnets and many more. On that day, we made pin wheels with yellow paper and decorated one of our garden beds. The preps and their Grade 6 buddies were so lucky as they got to plant some daffodil bulbs. We hope they start to bloom next spring. All these fun and create awareness and raise money for a good cause. Thank you everyone for supporting us!



Literacy and Numeracy Week 2018

During Literacy and Numeracy week this year, we are very lucky to invite some famous authors and illustrators such as Ben Wood and Marc McBride to our school. Thanks to Mr Carthew! It was such a privilege! Everyone had an amazing time, learning about drawing and different types of colouring skills. Mr Carthew also presented the use of humor and language in poetry writing.


We also participated in World of Maths incursion that week. There were many interesting and challenging problem solving puzzles to complete. We felt such determination and pride to accomplish some of these puzzles. Fun never ends, even in learning!



We… the great inventors!

Today we showcased our inventions to our buddies, friends and parents. We have worked really hard through the process of becoming the greatest inventors of our time.

Max: My improved vacuum cleaner can help me with chores.

Xavier: This is my skateboard with a fan at the back so I don’t to keep pushing.

Isabel: My washing machine can wash and dry at the same time!


Amazing Me Project

This term we learning all about how we learn and that we are all different and special in our own ways and that’s okay.

We had an incursion ‘Marvellous Me’ and it was amazing. We learnt that:

It is okay to be different.
It is okay to make mistakes.
We should be happy for who we are!
Happy days! Have a look at some of our amazing project about us.


Let’s get creative – A STEM activity on measurement

Challenge: To make the longest paper chain with only one A4 paper.

Other materials you need: pencil, ruler, glue and scissors. After discussions in our team, we started making them. We tried to estimate the length of our paper chain without any instruments. When everyone is done, we measured each of our paper chains with a measuring tape. The longest paper chain was more than 3 metres long! Amazing!